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Need help with business English written skills?

Want to deliver valuable content?

Business writing matters. It’s not just letters & reports etc. E-mails, websites, blogs & social media can be visible globally. Clarity & tone need to be right for your market. Content has to engage.

This site outlines expert help for every workplace writing task. Get the support you require, wherever you are, whatever you do...

Do you find that readers/customers:

  • Often don’t understand you?
  • Don’t react the way you want?
  • Often ask you to explain what you mean?
  • Seem irritated or offended by your writing?
  • Even complain to others about it?

Gain instant benefits from TQI’s mentoring or distance editing


Sure your business writing is professional?  Check by getting a snapshot
of what readers see.


Need help to improve quickly and easily?
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Do you yourself feel:

  • Your business writing needs to be more professional?
  • Improving your communication will take your career forward?
  • Effective Global Business English is a must in this digital age?

Gain instant benefits from TQI’s mentoring or distance editing

for successful workplace writing

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TQI CONCIERGE© virtual assistance that will let your readers see clear, mistake-free written messages that consistently reflect your values, purpose and professionalism.

Affordable, expert assistance, as and when you need...

Whether you want a once-off consultation/re-write or ongoing support, there will be an affordable solution that’s right for you via TQI CONCIERGE©

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How will TQI CONCIERGE© work for me?

This helpful diagnostic is done on a short sample of your business writing (up to 4 pages).

If improvements are needed (e.g. Correct? Clear? Making the right impact? Need to focus on /engage readers better?) you’ll get customized tips, concrete support and first-class tailored help.

No coursework, no expensive tuition fees, no loss of time, no hassle, just the speedy on-the-job results you need.

Ask for details today

Interested in developing competency further?

Profit by 1:1 executive coaching or remote support by world-class expert Fiona Talbot so that:

  • You develop life-long confidence and enhance your career
  • Your organization benefits from quality-assured business communications,
    aligned with your company values and target reader expectations
  • You know how to write for home/global success

The points below highlight essential areas to consider when you write in business today.

Do you write effectively and professionally for the digital age?

Renowned expert Fiona Talbot at TQI is here to help you turn every e-mail, every blog, every report, staff manual or presentation slide etc. into a truly professional document to serve and market your business, your personal brand and your readers well.

What English will work best for your readers? Their proficiency/cultural expectations will vary

English opens up opportunities as the most commonly-used language of the web. Interestingly, if you count the number of people worldwide who use English to trade, most are not native English speakers. In practical terms, your e-mails or website etc. may use idiom or tone that creates barriers overseas - or even for home market readers who are foreign. 

Benefit from TQI’s help to fine-tune your writing skills, so you don’t confuse or annoy customers, suppliers or colleagues. You are likely to find it helps your spoken communication too!

Think reader when you write!

In the age of social media, you need to identify key messages simply

The ‘wordpowerskills system’ will give you the advantage. It helps you check your writing is correct for purpose, mistake-free, clear - and has impact and reader focus. It works for every writing task.

If you write well, you save time and money – and you impress

Muddled messages cause confusion and irritate. Managers have to re-do work and undo complaints. Clear writing drives business performance, gets the right results and makes the right impact. You enhance your organizational brand - and very importantly, brand you.

Free Checklist Self-assess how well your current writing works.

Contact TQI for expert help in any of these essential business writing tasks:

  • Advertising Copy
  • Appraisals
  • Articles
  • Blogging
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Business Editing
  • Business Letters
  • Business Writing
  • Call / contact centre writing
  • Case Studies
  • Conference Materials
  • Corporate communication
  • Copy Editing
  • Course Guides
  • Cover Letters
  • Cross-cultural business communication
  • Customer service
  • E-comms
  • E-mails
  • English Editing
  • English for international business
  • ESL Editing
  • E-writing
  • Feature Articles
  • Financial Reports
  • Guides / Guidelines
  • Help desk writing
  • HR manuals
  • Induction guides
  • Instructions
  • Learning and Development plans
  • Manuals
  • Marketing Comms
  • Marketing Literature
  • Media Articles
  • Meeting notes
  • Minutes
  • Minute writing
  • Newsletters
  • Onboarding guides
  • Performance Reviews
  • Plain English
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Presentations
  • Presentation slides / Charts
  • PR
  • Professional writing
  • Project writing
  • Promotional Literature
  • Proofreading
  • Relocation writing needs
  • Reports
  • Sales Presentation
  • Service Manuals
  • Speeches
  • Technical Documents
  • Technical Reports
  • Text messages
  • Training Manuals
  • Training Materials
  • Personal Statements (Brand You)
  • User Guides
  • Writing for export
  • Writing globally
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