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Your Business Writing Checklist

Do you need TQI's help? Use this self-diagnostic checklist to see for yourself.

This is a short sample of the checklists Fiona Talbot uses in the Better Business English series published by Kogan Page. Simply answer the questions about your real-life business writing for an understanding of how well you are doing - and whether TQI can help you do better.

Do you set your computer spell and grammar check to the type(s) of English you use? No Yes
Do your readers often ignore your writing?
Have your readers ever responded the wrong way because they misunderstood your writing?
Do your readers ever have to ask you to explain what you have written?
Do you ever have to re-write a message because it didn't work?
Do people ever congratulate you on the tone of your writing?
Are your letters, reports or e-mails significantly longer than your colleagues? Yes No
Do you always check your writing before you issue it?
Do you adapt your written English to the variety of English your target readers use?
Do readers ever complain about your writing?
Do others ever have to correct your writing?
Does your writing consistently get the buy-in and results you need?
Have you ever been taught business English writing?
Is your writing as structured as you would like?
Does your writing reflect your corporate values consistently?
Is everything you write a good advertisement for you?
Do you understand e-mail writing protocol?
Do you get the help you need?
  Total Total

If your answers were mainly in the Yellow column, well done, that's great news. If they were mainly in the Orange column, it's good you took the time to check. TQI will certainly be able to help you improve your business writing results.

Please see the TQI services pages or contact TQI to discuss solutions that are right for you.