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About TQI Word Power Skills - Developing relationships built on trust

Better English Business Writing: expert help, training and innovative,
affordable solutions
for today's needs


It is neither a language school nor a translation agency. It is a bespoke, reliable business consultancy. Its mission? To help companies (from the UK, Europe and worldwide) benefit by writing effective business English in their corporate communication - to gain the competitive edge and succeed in home and international markets.


  1. " TQI gives us answers for real life business scenarios that other courses don't teach."
  2. " TQI's writing system can be put to immediate use in all documentation.10 out of 10."
  3. " Cutting out waffle really tightens our operations. We have reduced costs and improved efficiency as we now get the replies we need."
  4. " It is amazing how a few well chosen words can make all the difference. We now look at our writing from our readers' viewpoint. It enhances our customer service. "
  5. " TQI has helped us as a team. We ask each other for advice, including how to cascade information or even about punctuation and grammar, because we want to be consistent in getting things right."
  6. " As a marketing company, we know we now have the edge. TQI made us aware of the need to address quality and impact, consistently. Our customers can rely on us. Not only do they stay with us: they increase their orders too."

What is TQI Word Power Skills consultancy's expertise?

Trading successfully in the UK since 1995, it builds on the success of Fiona Talbot's previous consultancy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in the 1990s. There she helped multinationals excel in English for global marketing. Now operating from London and the NW of England, TQI delivers nationwide and internationally - giving clients specialist knowledge about selling the right messages for their competitive advantage.

What makes TQI Word Power Skills different?

TQI understands that no organization can afford to make mistakes or to stay still. That is why it offers innovative, completely differentiated services so that everyone can source (and afford) a solution that's right for them. Unsure of your exact needs? Then click your checklist.

Affordable high-value in these financially challenging times

TQI is 100% results-focused, using real business writing scenarios you will recognize at each stage of your career.

Are you a native or non-native English writer? Or is English a second or acquired or foreign language (ESL, EAL or EFL etc)? Are you from a blue chip company or smaller organization? Whatever the answer, if you write business English for a home or international readership (whether for e-mails/cyberspace, reports, letters, presentations, minutes, HR and personnel documents etc) TQI is uniquely placed to help you.

What is the TQI Word Power Skills system?

The systematic approach appears in the Better Business English series. The relevant book is a course handout in many of TQI's programmes and training/ business and management development talks.

What are TQI's aims?

  • That you and your readers need never settle for second-best again
  • That you will consistently make your mark during your entire career
  • That your business writing will achieve your goals

To discuss your company's needs in the UK, Europe or worldwide:

Please telephone trade writing expert Fiona Talbot on +44 (0)1244 342 683 or contact TQI