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Bespoke Business Writing Solutions

Take a look at the innovative, results-focused services that TQI can offer you. You can buy them individually or on a pick and mix basis, to take your business writing to the level of excellence that you and your readers expect and deserve.


1. Customised courses

Are you looking to improve company performance through effective communication that works first and every time? Then you need to get everyone in the company on board. TQI can customise any course in the 'ready made solutions' list for you so that:

  • It reflects your brand
  • It highlights your values
  • It helps your leaders connect with their teams
  • It helps everyone write effective business communication that's right for their target audience
  • It delivers the best in customer service

2. Customised packages - which you can pick and mix

TQI's total writing communication improvement packages are a popular choice for medium to large corporates (including multinationals). You can have any of the ready made solutions adapted and customised to reflect your values, your brand and your objectives.

Case Studies

Just look at how two organisations each chose a package to maximise the results they needed:

Multinational A needed to improve the way they wrote to their cross-cultural customers. They chose this easy, complete solution:

  • One TQI Word Power Skills' motivational talk to all staff
  • Fiona Talbot's system as an induction for all staff (shown in the Better Business English series)
  • 8 half-day training workshops (to train customer service staff)
  • TQI's help writing their existing documents in correct, accessible, plain English
  • TQI's ongoing support by e-mail

Public sector organisation B had a problem with entrants to the workplace not knowing how to write professional business English. They chose these components to give them immediate workplace results:

  • 4 x individual punctuation and grammar sessions (4 hours each individual)
  • 1 x 1 day general writing training workshop for staff (with the Better Business English series system as course handouts)

The possibilities are endless: all you need to do is decide which combination of services you need to improve your business then contact TQI for further details

3. One to one mentoring or tuition

This can be provided in any business writing topic(s) of your choice according to your needs and skills level. A short bespoke, value-for-money programme will be designed for you and delivered to you in-house, giving you real time improvements to your real life business writing needs. Then if you need follow-on support, TQI will provide it as and when you need it. Contact TQI for further details

4. Motivational talks - for learning and development

TQI understands there are times when companies want to avoid traditional training routes (possibly because of time or budget constraints) but are fully committed to learning and development. So benefit from TQI's world-class expertise today, and commission a motivational talk on a work-centred topic that will help your business, such as:

  • 'Harness written word power to improve performance'
  • 'Understanding how to write business English internationally'

Contact TQI today for further details