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Better Business English Writing Services

If you need fast, integrated communication solutions, seize the advantage that the flexible, innovative TQI offerings will provide. You see TQI is neither a language school nor a translation agency; it is an expert business consultancy that is a leader in its field. Its prime focus is helping companies (both in the UK and internationally) benefit by writing the best in business English in their corporate communication. This is can be an essential core skill for organizations to succeed in home and international markets. Why not click here for a diagnostic to assess your needs and check your current performance?

If you know you need to improve and want to reap the commercial benefits as soon as possible, then TQI will help. As every business has its own needs, strategies and budget and as the success of each and every client matters, TQI is pleased to deliver best value solutions that are right for you.

PAY AS YOU GO SOLUTIONS  -  for individual needs

CONCIERGE© 'PAY AS YOU GO' e-SOLUTIONS - for individual needs

Very often clients simply want help with writing one or more business letters, sales literature, slide presentations or other documents in English. You may wish you had an editor to write for you or a friendly, personal tutor to help you with punctuation and grammar advice.

TQI can provide these services for you, whatever you need to write and whenever you need to write it with 'pay as you go', real value, affordable solutions. It means that when it comes to writing successful business English, you need never settle for second-best again. Your writing will say what you mean it to say to your readers. clearly, concisely and correctly.

So just think of any live writing projects you would like help with.

A presentation or a mail shot? Or a report or manual that you would like written in plain, accessible English that readers can understand? The possibilities are too numerous to list them all here... but TQI is sure to be able to help with reliable, professional and confidential support in-house or by e-mail. Just click on the picture above to request further details.

BESPOKE SERVICES (that you can 'pick and mix') - for medium to large corporates, including multinationals

BESPOKE SERVICES (that you can 'pick and mix') - for medium to large corporates, including multinationals

The bigger your organization, the more complex your business English writing needs may be. This is where Fiona Talbot's broad and extensive experience of over 14 years of consulting (in most sectors) can be of great value to you. Her bespoke consultancy, TQI, will help you deliver with customised solutions to improve performance and results. You can choose:

  • one to one mentoring or tuition at executive level
  • premier corporate writing: courses customised for you
  • customised packages to convey your values and your brand
  • keynote talks for your staff/conference
  • ongoing consultancy help with writing your corporate communication

Just click on the picture above for more details.

READY MADE SOLUTIONS  -  for all organizations

'READY MADE' SOLUTIONS - for all organizations

There are times when companies know that their business English writing is letting them and their customers down. They see a negative effect on targets, operational efficiency and profits but time or budget constraints mean they need to buy accessible, fast solutions. TQI understands this and offers 'ready made' courses pitched at various levels and objectives.

Just click on the picture above for more details.


To request any other customised solution for your business English writing needs, please contact Fiona Talbot, TQI Word Power Skills - here to help you at every stage of your career.